Application Consolidation Tool (ACT) - An eConsolidation Solution from Indus IT Valley Inc.
Minimize the effort and risks while consolidating Oracle Applications data using a quality, field proven approach for merging applications.
What is ACT ?
A solution that addresses:
• Consolidation of disparate EBS instances into a single instance
• Consolidation of Multi Install Groups to Single Install Group(MSOB to Multi-Org)
• Consolidation of Multiple Set of Books with-in a Chart of Account
• Conversion of existing Functional Currency
• Consolidation of Multiple Operating Units to Single OU.
• Conversion of Key Flex Field Structures.
• Conversion of AOL Objects
• Purging History Data
• Extract Specific Set of Books Data
• Replace Heavily Customized Instance with Standard Functionality.
• Lower TCO
• Increased ROI
• Facilitates data center   approach
• Quality Deliverables
How Does ACT work??
• By employing a structured and well defined set of rules that govern the consolidation mechanism.
• By providing a precise step by step approach to consolidation process .
• ACT GUI Navigator would help to navigate, execute and status of Consolidation right from the beginning to the end of   Consolidation.
 ACT Menu Navigator (Main Screen)
How does eConsolidation Handler Supply Data?
ACT Supplier Mapping Form:
• The below form would help Key user to identify/map corresponding Supplier if exists in the target. It would also help to change the supplier numbers in order to map.
• All the mapped Supplier definitions would have Supplier Sites of both Source and target instances.
How does Consolidation Processes are Executed?
ACT Concurrent Request/Submission Form:
• Key user can submit the next process using the below screen.
• This would ensure key user to submit the right process.
• This would also generate log and output files just like an Oracle Applications eBusiness Suite, which would help users to go through log files and correct issues   accordingly.
• Table Space/Rollback Segments Issues
• Duplicate Supplier Numbers exists with different supplier names hence they need to be either changed/mapped.
• Table Count Reports., etc.,
ACT Merge Status Form:
Engagement Process

Tasks Customer IITV
Discovery Questionnaire* (IITV will provide scripts to validate instance)
Assessment and Estimate
Proposal review and acceptance
Establish Project Team
Establish Connectivity
Project Kick-off

Execution Process

Tasks Customer IITV
Verification & Validation (Env)
VPN Connectivity
Trial 1 Consolidation ? Remote
Test Standard Business Functions
Trial 2 Consolidation - Remote
Trial 3 Consolidation / UAT - Onsite
Production Consolidation Plan & Cutover Strategy
Production Consolidation & Support

Execution Process Deliverables

Deliverable Customer IITV
Consolidated Environment
Issues and Fixes Log
Test Cases
Test Results

Advantages of ACT over Interfaces/Conversions Method

Interfaces/Conversions e-Consolidation
Increased development effort Comparatively much lesser development effort
Need to re-perform Functional Set up Absolutely No setup would be required.
Restriction of transferring Only the Open items, no transaction history Complete information is transferred. Pre-consolidation image retained even post-consolidation
WHO column information / change history is lost. WHO Columns & change history is retained.
Costly to extend solution to ?new? modules Easier to extend consolidation framework for ?new? modules
Production down time due to conversion is very high Marginal down time

• Single Interface to perform all tasks of instance consolidation
• Repeatable & Consistent for subsequent consolidations
• Intuitive - with clearly defined processes
• Unparalleled Flexibility to consolidate SOBs, Change Setups, Profiles etc.
• Maintains Data Integrity post consolidation
• Stores Audit Information for further analysis
• Allows Reuse for subsequent consolidation
• Transactional Data Retention - same data visible Before & After consolidation without any changes to transactions
• Includes reports that will identify Potential Data Conflicts & possible actions
• Maintains Repository of Integrity Rules (Metadata)
• De-duplication of Master Data like Customers, Vendors, Banks, etc.
• Reconciliation Reports provide transaction count Before & After Consolidation
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