A framework for enterprise-wise data access and reporting capabilities.
Provides real-time information for managed financial decisions at the speed of the business. A pre-packaged solution with several built-in capabilities with a short-time to benefit. Consolidates data from several oracle and legacy systems for a unified global, regional reporting. Acts as an stand-alone application as well as a custom extension to Oracle E-Business Suite by leveraging several features including flex-fields, menus, concurrent programs and security. Exhibits a "single version of truth" across the enterprise via strategic level performance indicators, cross-sectional data comparison and detailed level information analysis.
 Key Components
• Collection Routines
• Load Routines
• Process Monitor to control the Collection and Load Routines
• Error Manager to process problem data and dimensions
• Security Manager to control Data Access
• DiscovererŽ End User Layer for Ad-Hoc Reporting
• InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer and Viewer for Executive Dashboards
 Key Features
• Tightly Integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite.
• Partitioned facts for Scalability & Performance.
• Latest Oracle Indexing techniques on key columns on dimensions & facts.
• Supports slowly changing dimension.
• Robust Error Management by forking the data into separate error table for re-processing.
• Performance tuned Collection routines.
• Integrated Process Monitor to manage the schedule, frequency of data refresh for Facts, Dimensions.
• Multi-Language Support for most of the dimension and managed through setup and configuration.
• Ability to define multiple hierarchies, levels within dimensions for aggregated reporting.
• Supports Historical Loads.
• Supports Incremental Loads.
• Map multiple Chart of Accounts into common dimensions
• Map Descriptive Flex fields into sub ledger Fact attributes.
• Ability to operate as Global or Regional Data-warehouses or both.
• Consolidate data from OracleŽ E-business Suites and Legacy Applications.
• Supports corporate financial consolidation and "virtual close" cycles of financial sets of books.
 Key Functional Areas
Finance - GL
• General Ledger Balances (Actual, Budget & Forecast)
• General Ledger Journal Entries (Manual and Sub ledger Entries)
Finance - Non GL
• Oracle Accounts Receivables
• Oracle Accounts Payables
• Oracle Fixed Assets
• Oracle Purchasing
• Oracle Inventory
• Oracle Work in Progress
AR Credit Analysis
• Accounts Receivables
• Transactions & Receipts
Save Time & Money Implement infoHub in just 30 days and save 1800 days (90 Man Months) of professional and expert level experience in developing a Data-warehouse. InfoHub can be installed on the same instance as your OracleŽ e-business Suite and hence save resources.
Zero Maintenance InfoHub has robust error management and excellent precision control for the collection and loading programs. Built-in sophisticated "Process Monitor" to control the flow of Data in and out of infoHub.
Role Based Security Each dimension can be secured by user, role or responsibility
Real Time Data Each dimension can be secured by user, role or responsibility
Pre-Packaged DiscovererŽ End User Layer Users can immediately start creating ad-hoc reports using the built-in DiscovererŽ EUL
No Scheduling of Collection or Load routines! infoHub Collection and Load routines are data driven which means infoHub "knows" when it is time to pull new or changed data from the source. No need to constantly run any heavy duty collection or load routines.
    Banking and Finance Risk and Disaster Management E-Governance Insurance
    Pharmaceutical Processes Retail and Distribution Transportation and Logistics Schools and Colleges
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