IITV Solutions
• Act : Application ConsolidationTool Consolidates applications with differing data releases
• InfoHub :  Financials Data Ware housing and Intelligence—Integrates accounting data across organization platforms
• iDesign :  Application Development Framework Design Solution (ADF)
• iAppsRep : Apps Intelligence Reporting Delivers reports and dashboard capabilities
• iNotifier : Notifications—Notifies workflow alerts notifications across self-service applications
• iScheduler  :  Interview Scheduler — Schedules interviews for recruiters, managers and applicants
• iPosting : Job Posting — Allows automatic job postings to various employment sites
• iEvents :  Workflow Business Events — Helps configure differing business rules across applications
• iFramework :  Interface Framework — Migrates data from Legacy Systems to Oracle Apps

We are OPN certified from Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company. We deploy a full, value-added suite of enterprise solutions specific to a client business objectives; networked information management, systems integration, advanced client-server applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP), daily business intelligence and the real time wireless mobility solutions which brings a new immediacy and effici to business functions.

We specialize in providing a suite of superior solutions which enable enterprise-wide internet and intranet application implementations. Developed in-house by IITV specialists and information technology pioneers, our solutions are reusable and ready to deploy and therefore, faster—with unmatched effectiveness.

We work closely with our clients to realize their goals as well as the goals of their business associates and partners. We pride ourselves as flexible and innovative technology and management professionals that deliver cutting-edge ERP solutions for a variety of business domains. Our commitment to quality is boldly evident.
Combined with our consultaning expertise, our solutions offer significant value to our client’s businesses while ensuring those clients a complete peace of mind.Our solutions decrease our client’s business data and system combination problems while maximizing the informational value, resulting in an increasing in the client’s business gain—all of which is accomplished through our wide-range of data integration and data quality initiatives; data warehousing, data capture and retrieval, data reporting and cross-enterprise data integration.
We Offer Businesses:
• Universal access to all-inclusive, accurate, and consistent data—enabling businesses to make better and more informed decisions

• Improvements and increases in IT productivity and responsiveness while a concurring reduction with the IT infrastructure cost and complexity

• A service-oriented IT architecture implementation that maximizes future flexibility and minimizes long-term risk
    Banking and Finance Risk and Disaster Management E-Governance Insurance
    Pharmaceutical Processes Retail and Distribution Transportation and Logistics Schools and Colleges
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